The Small Business Administration, SBA, is your supportive friend to your small business. Knowledge is also your rewarding friend, so read on to learn about the many options for SBA loans you can seek out. SBA 7a Loans 7a loans are the headlining loan for the SBA. They are the most common loans that hold.. More

What is the SBA? No loan might be more sought-after than what SBA, Small Business Administration, offers. As the government partially guarantees these loans, SBA loans offer long-term loans to small business owners in need of liquidity. Borrowers can use them for a variety of reasons. Are you curious about who is the Small Business.. More

Best SBA Loans For Women Women who own their own businesses are often faced with less opportunity than their male counterparts, mainly financial opportunity. According to a study done in 2014 by the National Women’s Business Council, women start firms with, on average half of the capital men do. Over the last several years, women.. More

What Happens If You Default On Your SBA Loan? Defaulting on any loan, especially an SBA loan is never your plan. The Small Business Administration Loan is designed to kickstart small businesses using a loan that is highly beneficial to the start-up while also providing the lowest risk to the lender. The SBA requires that.. More

Getting an SBA Loan With Bad Credit The reason many small businesses are not able to receive an SBA loan is due to a low credit score, which is considered as a score between below 619 according to privacy guard. This creates a tricky situation for companies that in fact do have a lower credit.. More

SBA Loan Interest Rates and What to Expect The Small Business Administration makes it possible for loans like the 7(a) SBA loan to have the lowest possible interest rates available for small businesses. The interest rates will depend on the individual amount of the loan, the term over which it is being paid back, and.. More

What is a Buy-Sell Agreement? Your life insurance keeps your family’s lives financially protected after you have passed on. But what about your business? If something were to happen to you, how do you ensure that your business stays well and running? If you have a buy-sell agreement in place with a business partner, you.. More

You’re a business owner and the center of responsibility. You’re responsible for your business partners, employees, your investors, and your family and loved ones that are depending on the financial health of your business. As the business owner and chief operator of your business, your untimely death spells disaster for all these groups. Obtaining a.. More

If your business depends directly on a vital employee or two and would not be able to function without them, you should consider key person insurance. If a person was deemed essential to the functionality of the business, then it would be wise for the company to utilize key person insurance.  In a key person.. More