High Risk Life Insurance

We get a lot of people find us after they’ve been declined for life insurance.  Many wonder how a person with some insurability challenges can actually satisfy the SBA’s requirement for life insurance.  We’ve been able to secure coverage for every single person who has contacted us, regardless of their health conditions.

There’s a specialty insurer that has developed a program for SBA borrowers who can’t get coverage the traditional route.  This is the last line of defense because it’s expensive, but it’s an option that will get you your funding.

We should note that we’ll always try to secure coverage the traditional route before using the option described above.  Often times many people who have been declined by a life insurance company can get coverage somewhere else – they simply used the wrong company.  That’s because every life insurance company looks at your health and lifestyle differently. If you need life insurance fast, you can always try instant issue life insurance as an option.

So if you’ve been declined for life insurance before, here’s our process:

Step 1: Find out ALL the details of your health challenges.  We’ll do an in depth qualification.  If you need coverage quickly and can qualify, we’ll go directly to a no-exam carrier to get an immediate approval.
Step 2:  If we don’t go the no-exam route, we send your risk anonymously to the carrier underwriting departments where we think will give you the best rate.  They’ll reply with the health class you’ll qualify for.   We’ll present you with the best rate.  This process takes around 72 hours to hear back from all companies.
Step 3:  If no one will take your risk, we contact our specialty insurer for a quote and send that over to you.

No matter what, just know that we can get this life insurance requirement by the Small Business Association completed for you no matter what your health challenges are.

Bottom Line

YES.  We can cover you.

If you have health issues and are having trouble qualifying for coverage, you’re in the right place.

We’re high risk life insurance specialists and if we can’t secure coverage through traditional routes, we have special programs made specifically for SBA borrowers who get declined through traditional routes.  Even better news, we can secure coverage within 48 hours of submitting the application with this high risk program.

Please call us for more information.  (We don’t like to publish our trade secrets)