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Jason Hill - CEO / President, Financial Advisor

"I only had a few days to get my life insurance policy in order to get my loan approved. Knowing that's not how life insurance works, I wasn't sure what to do. Jason and his team helped me get a policy in place in 48 hours!

Don't know where I'd be today if I didn't find them."

Julia O. - New York, NY

"Working with these guys was a seamless experience, I got everything I needed done on one phone call, couldn't recommend them more if you are looking to secure a policy and don't want to deal with the headache that comes with getting life insurance."

Mark. M - Houston, TX

"I needed life insurance for a business loan and I found this website online. I spoke to Jason who is the founder and he was able to advise me in the right direction. I successfully secured my loan and am off to starting my new business. Thanks to Jason and his team!

Maria F. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Was easier than I imagined...

”Getting life insurance online was easier than I imagined thanks to lifeinsuranceofrsbaloan.com. The team told me what I need and what to look out for. They educated me on my options and I felt at ease working with them."

Jane M. 

Fast isn't the word...

"When I was told I'd need life insurance to secure my loan, I thought I was delayed by 2 months at least. They were able to get me a policy approved in just a few days! Fast isn't the word, this was the best purchase I ever made over the phone." 

Jen W. 

Very professional...

“Jason and his team were very professional. They explained to me how the SBA life insurance process works and what I'd need to get approved. They navigated through my health issues and got me approved for a policy."

Shane M. 

About the Founder

Jason is the founder and president of Client Focused Advisors. His years of experience in the business have helped him serve and represent hundreds of clients. Jason ensures his clients are well educated and informed by putting their needs first. Each appointment is tailored to individual needs, via specific materials and educational tools. The real benefit for his clients is the end result: the peace of mind in knowing that the work he has done will help protect and preserve their lifestyle, assets and most importantly, their families and valued relationshi

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