LifeinsuranceforSBAloan.com works with SBA lenders across the nation to secure the SOP 50 10 5(B) life insurance requirement for their clients.

How we help our lenders:

1. Expedited Underwriting
–  No exam life insurance products with same day approval.
–  3-4 week turnaround time on fully underwritten products (industry average  4-8 weeks).

2.  Collateral assignment – We coordinate with the borrower, lender and insurance company to get this completed.  Each life insurer has different requirements, we are familiar with all of them and will expedite the process.

3. Special high risk programs ONLY for SBA borrowers.

4. Access to over 60 life insurance carriers.

REFER us your clients and:

  • Cut weeks off your loan process
  • Have a “go-to” guy.  One agent will handle all your cases with special care.
  • Be in the loop with our updates and policy issue forecasting.
  • Get paid sooner!

Avoid the headache of having your clients in charge of securing their own coverage.  There are too many obstacles that can delay securing life insurance.  Lifeinsuranceforsbaloan.com specializes in working with SBA lenders who need coverage quickly and affordably.

If your borrower tells you they can’t qualify for coverage, send them our way.  We have special programs in place for this specific situation.