SBA Loan Life Insurance 2023 Update

A lot of Americans have used the SBA loans to power their dreams of starting and growing their businesses. This has also been a supportive channel for business owners to recover from disasters. Once you take out an SBA Loan, most lenders will require you to lock in a Life insurance policy to protect that…
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Life Insurance for Business Owners, a Guide to Getting Coverage

If you are a small business owner you will want the business to grow and even outlive you. Your family members are not the only individuals that majorly benefit from your enterprise. Your unplanned death may cause a negative ripple effect on your employees and even partners. As an end result, it can pierce through…
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SBA Loan Life Insurance, The Ultimate Guide

One of the most challenging phases of a business is when it is small and new. At this point, the finances are tight and every cent made goes straight back to the business to help it grow. Once the first stages of a business are over and it becomes a success, the owner(s) slowly start…
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business life insurance

Life Insurance for Business, the Ultimate Guide

It does not matter how big or small a business is, every owner needs to have a succession plan in place. While most times it is out of ignorance, some business owners genuinely do not know how important life insurance for their business is.  A business life insurance plan is meant to protect the business…
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key man insurance buy sell agreement

Key Man Insurance and Buy Sell Agreement Life insurance Explained

Taking insurance cover is an essential aspect of any business operation.  The insurance sector is filled with a wide array of insurance covers designed to cater to various business needs. That said, an entrepreneur should have adequate knowledge, of which cover is ideal for his or her business. For the success of any business, an…
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Where to get an SBA Loan

Where To Get An SBA Loan?

Where to get an SBA loan? The SBA helps small businesses get loans by at least partially guaranteeing them from various lenders, but this begs the questions – where to get an SBA loan. As the agency doesn’t lend money directly to small business owners, it sets proper guidelines for loans made by its partnering…
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Paid Off Early

Can an SBA Loan be Paid Off Early?

Can an SBA loan be paid off early? Thinking about paying off loans when you have the chance is a common idea. You might want to reduce business debt or confront your fear that there is the possibility that your business might go under. If you’re wondering if you can have an SBA loan be…
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SBA Loan be forgiven

Can an SBA Loan be Forgiven?

Can an SBA loan be forgiven? Yes, SBA loans can be settled.  Below is some information that we hope will answer many of your questions.  If you need more help, there are companies like this who will guide you through the entire SBA Offer In Compromise process. What happens when the unthinkable happens and your small business,…
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Maximum Amount Loan for SBA loans

SBA Loan Maximums

SBA loan maximum amounts for each type The Small Business Administration (SBA) helps bridge the gap between small business owners and lenders. SBA loans may be difficult to qualify for, but they offer some of the best deals in the market. The interest rates can go as low as 10% and the repayment terms up…
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