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Have you ever thought about or tried to apply for a Small Business Loan? If so, then the words collateral assignment may sound familiar. When you apply for a loan, especially an SBA loan, asset assignment ownership is transferred to the lender as an additional security throughout the duration that the loan is being paid.. More

Entrepreneurs diving headfirst into a new business venture have more in common with LEGO enthusiasts than they would like to admit. Your enterprise has reached a peak. You’ve constructed the 3000 piece Death Star set… but, and here’s the caveat, you’ve only reached a peak, not THE peak. Which leaves you with a few options. You.. More

There’s no doubt about it: growing a small business is no small challenge. No matter how amazing your idea or product, you’re bound to encounter some serious mountains. According to a TD bank 2017 Business Survey, some of the key challenges that small US-based businesses face today are rising interest rates and rising healthcare costs, both.. More